• Guarantee

    Goldmedal follows internationally approved processes and conducts stringent quality control tests on every product that reaches you. In case of a manufacturing defect, Goldmedal guarantees to replace the products within 25 years for switches and sockets and 2 years other wiring accessories. This guarantee is valid for products that have not been tampered and are installed in Goldmedal junction boxes as per Company instructions. This guarantee states the company’s entire liability and does not cover any consequential loss for damage or installation costs arising from the defective product.

  • Installation

    The products listed in this website should be installed by suitably qualified personnel in accordance with the requirements of relevant legistlation, regulation and the accepted practice in the industry. Any further information which may be required about a specific product or about the conditions of use, are available on request. We request you to consult your Goldmedal representative for the latest product information.